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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 24, 2013 4:00am-6:00am PST

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phil. >> how do you arm yourself with knowledge, we talked about transparency, we have a tool that may help out. this is a guide book called "safe and sound in the hospital" must have checklists and tools for your loved ones care. and the good news is ... you are all getting a copy of this! it is, it's about arming yourself with knowledge, and information, and of course, another great resource we have been talking with the author today: unaccountable, what hospitals won't tell you and how transparency can revolutionize health care. i read this book cover to cover, it's a must-read. all of you in the audience can read it, you are going home with a copy, as well! [ crowd cheering ] [ applause ] >> dr. mccarry, thank you for joining us today. >> good to be wu. >> an enlightening day. >> we have learned: be aware, don't be afraid; question the risks. what would happen if you don't
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have this procedure? arm yourself with knowledge. those are the doctor's orders. thanks for joining us! [ applause ] ♪ from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 4. starts now. >> good morning it is thursday, january 24th. we are taking a live look outside from the san mateo bridge. we are watching the weather this morning. erica has a look at our forecast. later in showers here in their erica? >> yes. let us take it to
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storm tracker 4 a small green dot you see. >> mac spotty showers of the san francisco coast line and lingering showers south of walnut creek driving into the san ramon valley. >> be aware that. no issues with flooding or pounding. it could be a damper ride. we have a lot of cloud cover up above. temperatures on the moors i for this time morning. expect '40's and 50's. upper '40's for santa rosa and the bottle. 51 in downtown san francisco. -- navato. >> '40's will turn to fifties around 8:00 a.m.. >> by lunchtime most
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locations still in the '50s. maybe a couple of lows 60s by your afternoon highs. >> 8:00 p.m. not much change. we will lose a few degrees. most locations still sticking in the '50s. >> not much change in the temperatures for the next 12 hours. afternoon highs show downtown san francisco 59. 60 in antioch. 60 in fremont. 614 redwood city and sunnyvale. >> satellite and radar shows a lot of wet weather activity in portions of the state. most of it is adding to our south we are currently experiencing some heavy, a moderate rain in the monterey area. >> we have the potential for a spotty showers to link into the afternoon here in the bay area. the chance diminishes as we head into later tonight. >> expect clouds, a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures
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on the cooler side and the potential for a stray showers. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows we do have a chance as we head into tomorrow. by walking through future cast 4 and my next report. >> saturday and sunday showers. >> the next system will drop down from the gulf of alaska. not much moisture. it will tap into a lot of cole, arctic air. it will settle into the bay area. temperatures will be on but cooler side as we start the next work weeks. >> meantime in the traffic desk it is quiet. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza nothing to concern with a typical ride out of oakland to san francisco. >> the san mateo bridge is problem free for those of you heading towards of the city. >> the golden gate bridge is wet keep that in mind. other than that no accidents to report we are seeing green
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on the road way censors for those of you coming out of marin county. james. >> thank you erica. >> 4:03. we have a developing story in marin county. a water main plank in kentfield . chp says the intersection may buckle as it is not possible at this hour. flood started this morning around 2:15 a.m.. we have a crew in route, we will bring you updates as they become available. >> this is video that has come into our newsroom with water gushing out of the ground as a result of a water main break. >> fire crews spent most of the night valley to alarm fire and a vacant building in oakland. we have video from the scene. the first- best fire first started around 6 and evein the evening.
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>> when firefighters arrived they found two people in a neighboring roof and it appeared they had escaped their from a burning home. the two were detained by oakland police for questioning. the oakland pd has them in custody. they are being questions about whether or not they had any involvement in the fire. >> according to authorities the building is a total loss. it is unclear if the two have been arrested. although we have heard that they will be detained for questioning. the called the fire remains under investigation. >> elderly man was killed after he was crossing on ramp to interstate highway 980 and oakland. chp says he was hit by three different cars. it happened last night shortly before 9 on the 17th street on ramp to westbound highway 980. two of the cars led the scene, while one- stop the cooperated with investigators. authorities
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say the man was possibly homeless and it is unclear why he was crossing the street at that time of the collisions. >> meanwhile, police are investigating a body found along the alameda shore line. authorities say a man was walking down a path at robert w. crown memorial state beach and noticed the body around 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning. alameda fire crews pulled a man's body from the water near what cynosure line drives. it is believed to be asian between 20 and 30 years old. he was fully cold with no obvious signs of trauma. police believe that the body had been in the water for about six hours. the alameda county coroner's office is working to identify the man. >> in an effort to reduce gun violence, a san mateo county plans to hold its first gun buyback program of the year. the gun buyback and to momentarily reward the voluntary surrender of firearms in an attempt at
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reducing gun violence. the gun buyback program will offer gun owners' cash for firearms, a hundred dollars for handguns, shotguns and rifles and up to $200 cash for assault weapons. the anonymous program will take place from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on saturday at the santa tail county of it centered their grounds. >> major changes are coming for women serving in the army and marines. the pentagon is lifting its ban on women in combat. >> at least 130 female troops were killed in a rock and afghanistan. more than 800 were wounded. in the mility think the decision is long overdue. >> we have a bunch of strong and capable women that can take on the challenge that is thrown at us. women will be able to meet the physical requirements. >> if they can meet the
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standards than we can stand another soldier who is willing to serve this nation and lead their lives down in a combat role. that is good for our military. >> not every combat position will open on at once. the new policy will be implemented over three years. gretchen's could ask fbranches can ask for for specific desk-i ame payne -- i am ed payne reporting. >> we will be back with more on the weather with erica.
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>> taking a look at the markets this morning. futures trading show that the doubt is in the positive while the nasdaq and the s&p 500 start the day off and the negative. >> stocks ended the day
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higher yesterday after getting stronger earnings reports from technology companies like google and ibm. >> the nasdaq gained 10. and the s and p picked up two. . will be watching stocks all morning long here on the kron 4 morning news starting at 630 a m with the opening bell. >> apple ended up missing all wall street's revenue forecast for the third straight quarter. that is despite shipping a record number of iphone. some investigators--investors worry that buyers' interest in the iphone might be drying up. >> nonetheless, the tech giant is expected to turn out new products to wow consumers in 2013. kron 4 tech reporter gabe slate gives us a preview. >> there are some consumers waiting for the many to have
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the new screen before they buy one. the ipad many is expensive the entry model is $330. the second generation model coming out of your the price of the ipad one closer to $200. >> a $200 ipad mini is tempting. the iphone 6 should be available in june. analysts predict it will feature a bigger 4.8 in screen closer to the popular android model like the galaxy. it will come in a different color a tougher scratch resistance screen and body. new fingerprint technology built in for security. that is cool. i hope that happens. no official word but we expect apple to on the l.a. television set this year in the fall. it will be at apple brand of tv connected to the web and integrated with items to make it easy to play your music and purchase tv shows and movies. people renting movies from apple on regular
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tv could bring a lot of money for apple. >> we will see how a affordable it will be and how simple to use. some models are too complicated and so expensive. >> gabe slate kron 4 news. >> still ahead replacing clinton. senator john kerry repaired to sit at the witness table today as his confirmation hearing. to become the new secretary of state. more details coming up. not bad this morning we will get an update on your commute and forecast with erica in a couple of minutes.
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>> we are back. at 4:15. let's get to the weather forecast. we saw it proposes to take it looks as if they are still lingering. erica is keeping an eye on it. >> good morning. over to storm tracker 4 we're not
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picking up much. our last report we saw lingering showers around san raphael over the san ramon valley area. >> san francisco a passing shower. >> not picking it up anymore that does not mean we are completely dry. we have the potential to see pop up stray showers as we head into the afternoon. be aware and keep an umbrella in the back of your car in case. it looks like to day we will see a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures not bad as we step out the door. >> for concord. san carlos and livermore seeing lower forties' waking up in hayward. looking at afternoon highs it will be cooler than yesterday's plenty of lows 60s in the south bay. fremont 60. the same for milpitas. 61 in sunnyvale. >> to the east bay plenty of upper 50s. fairfield 59. 58 for what creek in concord. north bay it will be mainly
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a sunny one. some clouds to talk about. lows 60s for santa rosa and petaluma. 59 for downtown san francisco. >> satellite and radar view shows most moisture of the wet weather activity we have guest today has shifted its way south. >> we're picking up moderate to heavy rain and portions of monterrey and along the coastline. >> most of the bay area waking up to dry conditions. a lot of cloud cover associated with it. this is a system tapping into subtropical moisture. it was not as cold yesterday. slide down on the gulf of alaska bringing a lot of cool air to the bay area and instability. >> and chance of showers on your 7 day around the bay. keep your umbrella handy as we head into saturday and sunday. >> not a huge rain maker a little cooler. we will see clouds. we move on to the
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chance of showers from monday. tuesday and wednesday looks dry. >> that is your forecast on to traffic. >> still quiet no major problems to report. >> the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza a handful of cars sailing on by. no delays from any of the three approaches. the same story here to sat the san mateo bridge and awaited the toll plaza. >> south bound 101 an easy ride wet on the deck because of rain this morning. no accidents to report. >> over to our traffic maps green on the road way censors in the south no major hot spots accidents. all is well for the bayshore freeway and interstate 280. james. >> thank you erica. if you are looking to buy homes and having trouble finding
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something. there is a good reason. inventory is at the lowest in almost a decade. >> kron fours >kerman explains why. >> locating sales in the east bay becomes more difficult. there is an average of 13,000 homes at any given time. that is up from an average of five to 8000 homes for sale. where are we now? in december the number of homes for sale in 38 cities attracted alameda and contra costa county was over 1000. >> people want to buy homes we just did not have enough on the market. >> that is realtor gland bell with better homes and gardens. people want to buy because low mortgage rates and more affordable housing. >> the lack of inventory is due in part because homeowners are not willing to sell their homes and not worth what they used to be. >> to put that in
4:21 am
perspective if your home was worth five to $600,000 at the peking may have dropped to two or $300,000. prices have come up 30-20% but that is a far cry from the peak. many homeowners are waiting. those that are putting their homes on the market are seeing added benefits. >> with the lack of inventory and the amount of interest in buying we are seeing multiple offers seven out of 10 that is hahelping to drive prices up in most areas. >> experts say in the near look for home sales to drop over the next few months not due to the that the economy but the lack of inventory. >> an kerman kron 4 news. >>--dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>> the new span of the bay bridge will be monitored with a $26 million stake of the guard cameron network, despite earlier concerns about the plan's bid price tag. the metropolitan transportation commission approved the new system which was recommended by the chp after it conducted a security analysis of the new $6.3 million span. >> on to national news. a confirmation hearing today for a democratic senator, john kerry, who expected to get overwhelming support as
4:23 am
the new u.s. secretary of state. >> the five term massachusetts senator will testify before the senate foreign relations committee. >> he said to be introduced by outgoing secretary hillary clinton, massachusetts senator elisabeth warren and senator john mccain. mccain and kerry have worked closely on national-security issues. kerrey has also served on the foreign relations committee for 28 years and led it for the past four years. >> lawmakers in rhode island are set to consider legislation allowing same- sex couples to marry. a vote on the bill is set for this evening. >> is a high-profile supporter reliance house speaker gordon fox, who is gay. >> gay marriage legislation has been introduced in the state for 15 years, but is a the first time the issue will be up for vote in either the house or the senate. rhode island is the
4:24 am
only new england states that prohibit same-sex marriage. >> crew is finishing work at the world trade center in new york are leaving professional--personal messages on the skyscraper that is going up to replace the terror of wrecked towers. the messages range from tributes to the victims of september 11th to sketches and poetry. >> one ipad worker says this is a way for workers to get their feelings out following the terror attacks. >> one of the last beam's hoisted up for one world trade center has a special hand written message, we remember. we rebuild. we come back stronger. it is signed barack obamas. >> you can see live pictures of crews on the scene work still needs to be done to weave their that we will talk with jackie sissel at the bottom of the hour. still ahead taylor's with is already a singer and
4:25 am
actress. but now she is adding is the princess to resonate details on her new fairy tale look coming up.
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. >> 4:25 is the time. >> a new ferry to look for taylor's with, but the abc of fixed and low rated sitcom. carlahzeus has more. >> this is part of an on on celebrity at came pain at at campaign at disney. >> abc is pulling this is, do not trust the be in apartment 23. there are eight episodes yet to be shown and is not clear when or if they will air. fans have taking to twitter to born the passing of the show. one says save do not trust the be in apartment 23.
4:28 am
>> paula the is sharing her weight loss secret in this issue of people. she has lost 40 lbs. since she has been diagnosed with diabetes. >> she says her family adopted a new health lifestyle with her husband and son shedding weight to. her mantra is moderation, moderation, moderation. >> for hollywood minute i am car azeus for. >> an official who asked not to be identified says that beyonce did indeed slip smcu our performance on inauguration day. her rehearsal apparen beyonce appare
4:29 am
late the night before monday performance so she did not have time to rehearse the national anthem with the u.s. marine band. according to the official, she made the decision herself that same night to use the pri recorded version of the song, instead of singing live. she has yet to commit on the fallout from the performance. >> we will be back with
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>>4:29. is the time top stores we are following chp is at the scene of a water main break. and authorities are warning residents to avoid the area. the 49ers head out for practice as they get ready to head down tomorrow is to face the baltimore ravens in the superbowl. >> will hear from some of the players coming up. >> and senator john kerry is expected to face the senate foreign relations committee today as it prepares to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state.
4:32 am
>> as for the weather we have sprinkles some left over stuff from yesterday's rain. as far more about that. >> good morning erica. >> good morning james. we have lingering showers passing through. keep your umbrella handy. temperatures however, not that. the cloud cover is acting like a blanket and it is keeping us and slip it this morning. >> downtown san francisco 51. 49 currently in pleasanton. 51 in fremont. it is in warsaw to the morning was also a fog the start. >> santa rosa down to two and one-half miles. one of around napa. drive with extra caution. dense fog of the livermore valley, fairfield. 4 mi. of visibility for hayward. it increases as you push in closer to mountain view. >> the fog will start to lift and bar off into the
4:33 am
afternoon. we will however, see a mix of sun and clouds. the chance for a pop of showers could certainly lead her into the afternoon. >> temperatures are low 60s in the south bay. cupertino 62. six is for the argentine valley. 64 fremont and milpitas. 61 in mountain view. a mix of the upper 50s lows 60s in the east bay. san leandro 60 degrees 58 in walnut creek. >> we could see a pop of shower, remember yesterday's they're received two-thirds of an inch of rainfall. >> navato coming in at 5751 in napa. beating satellite and radar picture shows not too much rain in the bay area. most of the system has pushed south. we are seeing moderate to heavy rain in the monterey area. . >> later the weekend
4:34 am
saturday at into sunday the second system will drop through. this is a cool our tax system not a lot of moisture associated with it we could see showers. >> here's a look at futurecast for the possibility for rain as we head into friday in it. i ran for livermore for those of you along the mid peninsula as we set the clock into motion you can see a passing band of rain by 3:00 p.m. starting from the north bay first. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows the potential for showers are route into saturday and sunday. we could also pick up some showers as we start the next work week. >> tuesday and wednesday will be a cold start. the inland lows hovering around the freezing mark. we will be dry as we head into the middle of next week. >> high pressure will start to build and we will have more on that very important
4:35 am
extended forecast coming up. >> in the meantime the bridges check the perfect time to leave home if you are heading to the bay bridge. the toll plaza shot looks good you will see a handful of cars. no wait at the pay gates. the time eight to nine minutes at the foot of the maize to fremont street. >> the san mateo bridge is problem pre towards foster city. >> last the golden gate bridge no problems to contend with a wet deck as you make your way closer to san francisco. >> thank you erica. let us continue with a developing story out of the north bay that is where we saw the water may break. >> we want to talk to jackie sissel he is our reporter of the scene. >> if jackie if you glance at that you think there was a storm. >> that was my first thought when i drove up. i did not realize there was so much rain. you can see crews remain here. this is the culprit. the fire hydrant
4:36 am
over on its side. most times you think a car hit it. according to the police and fire befordepartment they beliee it gave way and that is what caused the water main break. >> here is video of the water main break leading to this. they say about 1,500 gal. per minute were pouring out of that as they worked. it took about one hour to one hour and they have to shut it off. they shut it off about a half hour 40 minutes ago. now what remains is the clean up and fix. about a dozen homes are without water in this area of green bay. it is right off sir francis drake. it is a huge inconvenience for the 13 families waking up without water. as far as the fixed goes it may take a while. the roadway is
4:37 am
covered with gravel. what you cannot see it is also buckled. the underside of the pavement has been compromised. they will have to dig up the road to fix it and also fixed the pipe it may be hours before it is completely done. >> until the correct the concrete they do not know how much has been blasted underneath the road way. the entire column of section is pretty unstable this morning. >> yes. absolutely. they had blocked off. it is a two lane froroad going a different makdifferent directions. >> thank you jackie. he will keep an eye on that. . >> in the south bay sandals
4:38 am
the police are asking for your help finding a man who kidnapped a teenage girl. >> investigators say, the man in this sketch grabbed the 13 year old girl early friday morning and dragged her into a driveway. >> the young girl managed to fight him off and the suspect ran away. >> the young girl managed to fight him off. he is described as a hispanic male between 25 and 35 years old. settles a police released this gets to the public in the hope someone might come forward with information. >> this is one of the cases where we will need the public's help in locating the suspect. >> the case is considered a kidnapping since the man force would move to grow from one place to another. investigators say, the man spoke english and was wearing brown work shoes, with white paint on them. >> in other south bay news. a woman is shot to death in east san jose. this is video of the scene from our
4:39 am
helicopt a partnership with abc seven news. it happen around 1:00 p.m. onponse pon selle court, near south king road yesterday. no word on any arrests. this is san jose's second homicide of the year. >> still ahead the city of san francisco is gearing up for another championship parade this year that is if the niners win the super bowl. the will have details on the parade and how long enforcement--law enforcement will be heavy on patrol when the kron 4 morning news continues
4:40 am
4:41 am
>> the san francisco 49ers are busy practicing as we are just 10 days away from the superbowl. >> they hit the field
4:42 am
yesterday of a lot of players said they still sore from sunday's game but had they will be ready to come superbowl sunday. >> for the first time since their nfc championship win over the lance the falcons the niners to practice field yesterday. we ask the players what the block room by dislike about playing in the so-called harbaugh bowl. >> he talked about we're playing the ravens not his brother. >> good food. i am going down there to eat. >> colin kaepernick did not speak at practice but we will talk with him later today. he will have media availability. we will let you know what is on his mind that today. >> san francisco city leaders are already making plans for a super bowl sunday. what they do not want a repeat of the chaos that occurred in some neighborhoods after the
4:43 am
giants won the world series. the mayor says, law enforcement leaders are meeting with the department of emergency management about how to keep post-game crowd under control. he also says, the nfl has turned down their request to broadcast the game from a jumbo dropped something they have done in the past during other big gains. >> what has not been nailed down as the additional wager between san francisco mayor ed lee and the mayor of baltimore. >> i think an adequate exchange of certain quality crab cakes will be in the mix. >> mayor lee has also not decided on whether or not to head to new orleans to watch the game in person. he says he is torn because the team has been doing so well on the road without him so far, and he does not want to jinx anything. >> this morning we are hearing from the birth mother of colin kaepernick, and her decision to choose adoption for her son. >> hedi russo lives in
4:44 am
denver. >> she gave up her son when she became pregnant at 19 years old, living in milwaukee. >> kaepernick was born in 1987, that was his birth mothers for six weeks before he was adopted by rick and theresa kaepernick. >> it was a situation that was not planned. , i was not in a position to give colin the life that i wanted him to have. >> before adopting colin. rick and theresa kaepernick had two kids of their own, and lost two others to heart disease. at the age of four kaepernick move to california where rick had a chance to help mold colin into a 12 letter high schooler and the superstar that he is today. >> 4:43. let us take a break. the weather is hit and miss some parts of the
4:45 am
bay area are wed scattered showers still lingering. san francisco is at 51 it should warm up to 59 later today. back with more in a you can't move the tv there.
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yuh-huh. we have the wireless receiver. listen. back in my day, there was no u-verse wireless receiver that let you move the tv away from the tv outlet. we can move it to the kitchen, the patio, the closet
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and almost anywhere. why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get u-verse tv for $29 a month for six months. at&t. >> this 4:45. here is a quick update scientists are monitoring a sliding hillside at the lawrence berkeley laboratory. that is covered the hill sliding in november and closed nearby monroe in december. but they say yesterday's rain is not cause any changes would remain unstable. geotechnical engineers continue to monitor the slide and watering pump has been installed to remove water. for a temporary fence
4:48 am
has also been put up so debris does not fall into the roadway. engineers still waiting for soil sample to determine if concrete needs to be added to stabilize the hillside. officers on nearby hillside have been relocated. >> let us find out what is in store for today with erica. >> a chance of a lingering showers throughout the day. nothing to organize. a pop of stray showers. things will start to settle down as we head into the evening hours. as of now we're not picking up much on our radar most of the wet weather is to our south. most of us wakeup to cloudy skies is keeping temperatures on the warmer side. hayward at 43. 31 in downtown san francisco. a mix of sun and clouds into the afternoon. spotty showers possible but not the heavy constant rain
4:49 am
like in some places today. tomorrow we continue with the rain chance expect many partly cloudy skies. beyond, looking ahead the weekend forecast showers saturday night into sunday. the system will drive down from the gulf of alaska for in article air. expect a cooling trend as we start the next work week. --arctic air. >> taking a look at visibility is fog. visibility to and one-half miles for santa rosa. navato down to a mile. dense fog in fairfield and livermore. 3 mi. visibility for mountain view. allow yourself extra time as you head to work or school. >> the fog will burn out into the afternoon. >> upper 50s lows 60s on the mild side for this time of year. downtown san francisco 59. 62 in oakland. 64
4:50 am
hayward and san mateo. 61 in sunnyvale. >> satellite and radar picture shows yesterday the system was tapping into subtropical moisture. the rain was up from the south. it was not a cold rain or to organize. most of it has fled south. is currently in monterrey. we do not have the possibility for link clearing showers. >> the next best chance is saturday night heading into sunday. >> the extended forecast shows cool air, arctic air will settle into the bay area over the weekend as we start the next work weeks as well. >> potential for showers into monday. high pressure will build for tuesday and wednesday. >> we will be dry and see mostly sunny skies. looking at your inland lows we are hovering around the freezing mark. >> more on a very forecast
4:51 am
in just a bit. >> looking at traffic of the bay area the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is one of the most traveled bridges. more cars compared to our last report coming from the east shore freeway. the metering lights are off there is no wait at the pay gates. top speed up the incline and across the upper deck. >> the san mateo bridge westbound traffic tail lights heading towards foster city no problems at the toll plaza passed it. as you make your way closer to the high-rise. south bound 101 the golden gate no worries or accidents. and let decollate coming out of marin county. taking it to our traffic maps all is well for the east shore freeway. was down 24 a clear shot to the caldecott tunnel and the macarthur maize >> as for public transit i
4:52 am
checked no delays to talk about for ac transit, bart or caltran this morning. james. >> that you erica. two teens injured in an el cerrito shooting are recovering and the hospital this morning. as police continue their search for suspects. this video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news. the shooting happened at two yesterday afternoon between stockton and eureka, below the bart tracks. >> el cerrito police say there was a confrontation between two groups of teenagers. members of one group pulled out handgun and shot two teens and the other group before running off. el cerrirto high school and fermat elementary school were locked down for about an hour and to the police
4:53 am
determined the suspect were no longer in the area. >> after the deadly connecticut shooting and east bay school district started to make security changes. a lot the a school district to put in a new emergency lockdown system. it allows teachers to lock their doors from inside the classroom versus going out into the hall where danger could be. the new locks will go into all five schools on all 205 classroom doors. and the locks are just one new layer of security. new security cameras are also now in place about a dozen at each school. they work during the day and night. all efforts, the district plans, to keep students safe. >> blocks cost $62,000 and should be installed next month. >> groups supporting city college are brainstorming ways to keep the doors opened the school is on the brink of possible closure. >> this is all because and accreditation
4:54 am
commission found numerous violations with the colleges structure and finances. >> the school, which serves about 85,000 students has until march to turn itself around. the commission gave city college recommendation the deadline that must meet to continue to survive. members of the community are anxious about what could happen next. >> there is a real need to to be able to show a perception that we are unified and we want to save our college. it is not a good option to be rammed by another district. we need control of our college. when will only do that with true solidarity. >> they have 85,000 students. today the board of trustees will meet to discuss what plans they have for that school. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news we will have more headlines. we have a live look at the said retail bridge as we check on conditions in sunnyvale. it is cloudy overhead. a few
4:55 am
sprinkles here and there are few and far between. left over drizzle from yesterday. 49 in sunnyvale. 61 is
4:56 am
4:57 am
>> we are back. 4:55 is the time. a quick look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. a lingering showers left from yesterday. tomorrow a slight chance but a better shot saturday and sunday. a wet forecast for the next few days. maybe by tuesday we will start to dry out. it will also cool down heading towards the weekend. dropping to the mid '50s for your daytime highs on both saturday and sunday. >> the weather and traffic updates it a moment. >> and astronomy teacher from connecticut uncovered this amazing view of a satellite galaxy of the milky way while digging through archives of the hubble space telescope.
4:58 am
>> joshed lake down the fog dissipating in the hubble hitting treasure for the contest. which chalice participants define hubble data never release of the public and transform them into stunning images. >> this is the original archived picture. it shows a large magellanic cloud floating in space, nearly 200,000 light years from earth. you could see pockets of gas clouds within the galaxy collapsing to form new stars, which light up the gas clouds and a variety. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news we're following developing news out marin county where chp officers are warning residents to stay away from the intersection theeliseo drive and via l cumbre . >> they said the road could buckle to water main break.
4:59 am
we will have a live report coming up. the 49ers head out for practice as they get ready to head down to an enormous that the baltimore ravens and the superbowl. will hear from the players coming up. plus we're watching weather and traffic this morning will be checking in with erica was watching our forecast also checking in with george will has a look at our morning commute.
5:00 am
5:01 am
bp (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning >> (male announcer): live from the bay area this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 5:00 a.m. start now. >> top stories we're following this thursday, january 24th. chp working to catch the water main break in green break the will have a live report from the scene. >> north korea threatens to conduct nuclear tests and make threats against the nine states. >> and waking up to wet weather across the bay area this morning here is erica.
5:02 am
>> morgan hill down to gilroy is picking up light rain. highway 101--waiting up to gladys kaiser the temperatures of the warmer side. >> 48 in santa rosa. 53 in oakland. 53 in hayward. 51 in fremont. we would not warm up too much into the afternoon. we have the potential for lingering showers later today. i will have details on what to expect in my next report. george. >> we're not tracking any hot spots here's a quick commute check. the san mateo bridge traffic is light that is the situation all around the bay area light traffic for the east bay freeways highway 4 interstate 580 the south bay and the peninsula. in the north bay you will hear about a water main break it is near some francis drake boulevard and west of the freeway. it is possible it could be spilling water onto the
5:03 am
roadway. that is a popular commute route over to highway 101. darya. >> thank you george. the chp is working at a water main break and green great.brae . the brick happen around to 15 this morning can't villa l acumber andelisio drive. to get you more news faster we turn to kron 4 solo reporter jackie sissel who is on the scene. >> this fire hydrant is the culprit. most of the time is it a fire hydrant not over you would believe a car headed. according to the fire department they believe, the pipes underneath a fire hydrant is what gave way. let us look at the video you are talking about. about 1,500 gal. per minute of water were pouring out from this large water
5:04 am
main. it took them about one hour and a half to get shut off. the good news is a storm drains in the area worked how they were supposed to. flooding is not an issue. the problem is it did not out water to about 13 homes in the area. the last word we got it will be awhile before they actually get the water turned back on. as we go back live as i said you can see the fire hydrant lake on its side. it is also the road way that is the problem. the roadway itself is completely buckled. the ground underneath is compromised by the large amount of water spilling. they will need large and equipment to dig up the entire roadway and and do the repairs and it may be hours before the intersection is back open. it sg problem as far as traffic
5:05 am
ticket that is a francis drake over there we are possibly a quarter mile away. the water main shut off should not have any effect on the morning commute. >> the other issue with the are their schools and doctors' offices there. either of those people may need to get to today. >> the good news is this is a residential area no doctors' offices. it is dark down that road those are the 13 homes. there are more schools that will be affected. >> thank you jackie. >> following a developing story out of chicago we just lost our live pictures we have video to show you. a fire alarm fire that broke out yesterday's has reignited. >> we showed you the video from yesterday morning the building is completely covered and eyes as temperatures soared found in the single-digit at about a
5:06 am
third of all the firefighters in chicago had to respond to the fire. some hot spots reignited. this is a moment ago showing the abandoned warehouse in the chicago open flame spirit current temperatures in chicago seven degrees. firefighters again having a tough time with frozen hydrants and hoses. also more eyes as they continue to try and fight the warehouse fire that stash more ice . no reports of injuries the warehouses of bed. threats from north korea against the united states. >> no. 3 as saying this morning that it plans on carrying out a new nuclear test and more long-range rocket launches, which it says is part of a new confrontation with the united states. north korea is warning that it will strengthen its military and nuclear defenses in reaction to what it calls u.s. hostility toward pyongyang.
5:07 am
>> sanctions were voted to tide against north korea. washington the same theis sayine missile can reach the western part of the nine states. north korea is planning another nuclear test. >> thank you mark a lot to follow. >> developing news in the bay area san jose police are asking for your help finding a man who kidnapped teenage girl. investigators say the men and diskettes grab the girl--end of this sketch grabbed the girl early friday morning and dragged her into a driveway. the young girl managed to fight him off and the suspect ran away. he is described as a
5:08 am
hispanic male between 25 and 35 years old. san jose police released this sketch to the public in hopes someone might come forward with an affirmation. 4. >> fire crews spent most of the nine battling a to alarm fire last night in a vacant oakland home. >> here is video from the scene. the for started around 5:00 p.m., in the 600 block of their street. there oakland chinatown neighborhood. when firefighters arrived they found two people on a rough and it appeared they had stayed there from the burning home. the two were detained by local police for questioning. authorities said the building is a total loss. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news defense
5:09 am
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5:12 am
♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. the pentagon's chief leon panetta will announce today that he is removing the military ban on women serving in combat. >> that move will put up hundreds of thousands of front line positions. also the possibility of elite commando jobs. >> it is a ground-breaking move and panetta's decision is the military until january 20th 16 to argue any special x sectioexceptions. >> some jobs could open as soon as this year. military chiefs must decide whether women should be excluded from any of the more demanding in delhi positions, such as navy seals or army delta force. >> that click is a new layer
5:13 am
of security coming to lock the district schools we will explain. >> and lingering wet weather in the bay area this morning. a full forecast coming out.
5:14 am
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. it is 5:15. >> watching bay area with this morning the current temperature in half moon bay is 52 degrees. >> who is still getting a little bit of showers this morning erica? >> right now mainly in gilroy, morgan hill. cities to our south. storm tracker 4 were not seeing too much in the bay area. as a resume in some spotty light showers along highway 101. stretches from morgan hill south to gilroy heavy rain around monterrey region. which could pick up some spotted lingering showers drop the day. nothing to wear about too much. most of us will deal with a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures in the upper 50s lows 60s.
5:17 am
later tonight we will see an increase in cloud cover. temperatures will not be too bad. by 8:00 p.m. tonight low 50s for just about everyone. >> current conditions 49 for napa. 50 in richmond. 53 for haywood and oakland. low 50s for fremont. visibility a factor some areas of local dense fog. down to 2 1/2 miles for santa rosa. under 2 mi. if your driving around navato. drive with extra caution. seeing this all the livermore valley, in sandoz said. 3 mi. of visibility for those of you driving along the bay shore. --in san jose. >> tanagers similar of sts today above the seasonal average. 663 for oakland upper 6plus it's a fremont.
5:18 am
>> satellite and radar picture we could see the rain has shifted south. we are tappinot tapping into subtropical moisture. >> the system comes from the gulf of alaska a lot of cool air associated with it. >> there is enough instability where we could see some scattered showers here and there. keep your umbrella handy just in case. futurecast 4 shows we could see spotty showers later this afternoon again you will notice the light green on your screen which indicates very light rain. >> will call his sprinkles in the meantime, throughout the course of the day. the chance for rain will diminish later tonight. >> 30 percent chance of showers saturday night into sunday. the cold arctic air will be the bigger story that will sell it to the bay area.
5:19 am
>> a chance for showers as to start the next work week tuesday, wednesday looks to be dry. high-pressure rebuilt and our forecast. >> back just above the freezing mark cool conditions will feel like winter once again here in the bay. >> 5:70 a.m. that is your whether on to traffic with george. >> thank you erica. not tracking any hot spots. conditions at the bay bridge are fine. the camera is not take my word for it. the san mateo bridge has light traffic in the west bound direction not tracking in the delays and problems. >> the golden gate bridge ride looks good. 101 southbound they're working on changing of the lanes. >> if possible hot spot on 101 of the north bound direction redwood city here in march road. reports of debris in the lanes. it has been moved most the right- hand shoulder but they're waiting for a caltrans trust. chp is on the scene as standing by. when
5:20 am
caltrans arrive with a sweeper they may close the road way down for a short period of time. this is a door to a that the sweeper clear up a pile of construction debris. also in the vicinity of the off ramp for wood side road. >> thank you george watching wall street. the dow closing up 67. yesterday's the rally continuing. the dow hitting the other five. i. sitting at 13,779. stocks rallied after strong quarterly earning reports from ibm and google . i am watching apple stocks after a disappointing quarterly earnings report the most dow will company in the world reporting better than expected earnings. but disappointing revenue and iphone sales and the stocks in overnight trading down almost 10% over $40. looks like apple stock will open almost 240 lower than the all-time high of 705 that
5:21 am
the stock hit in september. >>netflix shares after jumping after the loss gatos based company reported a surprise profit cups. net flicks internet video service added 2.1 million u.s. subscribers, for a total o200 of 27.2 million, during the final three months of the year to produce a profit. net flicks shares are up almost 40% in overnight trading. >> thank you mark for that. >> san francisco city leaders are already making plans for support will sunday. what they do not want is a repeat of the chaos that occurred in some neighborhoods after the giants won the world series.
5:22 am
the mayor says, law enforcement leaders are meeting with department of a emergency management and how to keep post-game crowds and a control. he says, the nfl has turned down their request to broadcast the game from a jumbotdron . something they have done in the past during other big gains. what is not been nailed down is the traditional wager between san for his cause medley and mayor of baltimore. >> no specifics yet but i think an adequate exchange of certain quality crab cakes are probably in the mist. >> mayor lee also says he has not decided on whether he will go to enormous about the game in person. he says he is torn. because the team has been doing so well on the road without him so far, and he does not want to jinx anything. >> the superstitions. you have to do everything exactly the same period >> that had, the remote, the shirt, how was it, where was
5:23 am
i. >> 5:21 a.m.. other news we're following after the deadly connecticut shooting and seize a school has started to make some security changes and lafayette school has put in a the birdseed lock down system and allowing teachers to lock their doors from inside the classroom instead of having to go into the hallway where there could be danger. the locks will go into all five ditchers schools on all 205 classroom doors. this is just one new layer of security. security cameras are in place that worked during the day and night. >> the new span of the bay bridge will be monitored with a $26 million state of the art cameron network, despite earlier concerns about the price tag. the metropolitan transportation commission approve the new system which was recommended by the chp after it conducted a security analysis of the new $6.3
5:24 am
billion span. >> we will take a quick break it is a super sized challenge to new york than on large sodas and sugary drinks. plus still no end in sight for the grounding of bowen streamliner-- ddrdeamliner get an update on the investigation next. >> and we're following a developing story out of green bebrae where crews continue to work on a water main break mçó4+y?i
5:25 am
5:26 am
5:27 am
>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. >> in new york, there is a new push to have a judge blocked a ban on large agree drinks. also spearheaded by mayor michael bloomberg. beverage and restaurant group called the ban unconstitutional and added burdens small businesses. >> the ban, scheduled to go into effect in march, makes it illegal for new york city
5:28 am
restaurants to sell a sugary drinks large and 16 ounces. all in an effort to combat obesity. but it does not apply to stores like 711. which seldom made georgesell thf large drinks. >> the fine for doing so as $200. the ban is mayor bloomberg latest initiative to try to improve public health. >> during his tenure, the outlawed smoking in bars and restaurants, regard chain restaurants to pose kalikow, and ban the use of trans fat in food preparation. >> investigators say there is no time line for when the drdeamliner to return to flight. the faa are still trying to figure out the cause of the electrical problems at a crowded boeing 787 dreamliner fleet around the world. the national
5:29 am
transportation safety board work with manufacturers in arizona and running a series of new test of their lives battery systems. a battery related to fire on the tarmac in boston trigger review of the aircraft. a second incident in japan forced the shutdown. boeing says it's working around- the-clock to resolve the issue. >> and the 49ers continue to prepare for visible. we will hear from the team after their first practice at 5:49 a.m.. plus a new list the pot is neighborhoods in 2013 this morning. see if where you live made the cut at 5:56 a.m..
5:30 am
5:31 am
good morning. this is how i see the world. everything is a little fuzzy. >> every day now you know what the world looks like to me. sunnyvale waking up to 49 degrees looking for high of 61.
5:32 am
>> good morning erica. >> good morning darya. we did have passing showers earlier this morning now still wet weather activity and the morgan hill gilroy area. most a starting off with a cloudy morning that is keeping temperatures on the warmer side. the cloud cover is acting like a blanket in subfreezing temperatures we're waking up to '40's and '50's. it will feel upon thbalmy. >> the potential for a lingering sour exist. but not too much later today. tomorrow we have a rain chance expect partly cloudy conditions looking ahead showers continue this weekend. we're talking saturday and sunday. the bigger story is not the rain or cultigens but the dense fog and some spots. we're down to 2 mi. of visibility for navato . 1 mi.
5:33 am
annapolis. visibility is only a problem in the north bay. livermore valley communities along the delta and in the south bay. down to two and one-half miles and south said. >> i will have full details on what to expect for the weather today added to the weekend. >> it is time for the traffic. the morning george. >> good morning erica not tracking any hot spots. >> the san mateo bride is an easy trip. the right side is the west bound commutes direction. which picked up a slowing are highlhighway 4 and interstate 580. >> thank you george. >> 5:31 a.m. to develop the story we're following in marin county. take a look at the live pictures we have coming from greenbrae where crews are repairing a water main break. it
5:34 am
happened in the intersection of villa la cumbre elisio drive. >> the cruise had said the road may buckle. it is not passable it is closed to traffic. the water has been turned off. about a dozen people are without water while they're working on the problem. >> we want to give you the up date and the south bay where san jose police are asking for your help find the man who attended a kidnapping a 13 year old girl. kron fours will tran joins us live from sandoz said. >> even though this happened last friday this came to light the the san francisco police department yesterday. the girl was walking down the sidewalk on north 31st street and east st. james street when all of a sudden
5:35 am
a man comes up to her, grabbed her, a move certain to a driveway. she is kicking, screaming, doing everything she can to get away. it was very loud because it was six at 10:00 a.m.. around this time is dark people are getting up for work and going to school. everyone in the neighborhood could hear including the family across the street. >> by daughter told me they hear screaming in the morning. they came out i guess the guy was already gone. >> they could hear screenings through the house the was everything? >> yes. yes. that is how loud it was. >> do you know this girl? have you seen her before? >> yes i did. >> that she walked by herself at 6:00 a.m.? >> yes she does. >> a lot of people are befuddle they cannot believe she was walking by herself
5:36 am
at 6:00 a.m.. they're telling their children to be careful and everyone now is being escorted. >> let me show you a composite sketch girl was able to give the police. he is about 5 ft. 10, 25 to 35 years old. he was wearing a blue hoded shirt pulled over his head--hooded shirt pulled over his head. >> people have said they have seen her what many times early in the morning. hopefully we will track the family down. >> thank you for the update will keep you updated on any new information coming in as it continues to develop. >> watching stories out of washington. u.s. senator john f. kerry will appear before fellow members of the senate foreign relations committee this morning for his confirmation hearing to serve as secretary of state. >> this morning's hearing will be chaired by senator
5:37 am
robert menendez, was suspect become committee chairman when kerrey joins president obamas cabinet. >> the committee is expect to make the official announcement of a confirmation hearing later today as hillary clinton announces she would not continue on as secretary of state. >> also following a story with senator dianne feinstein will introduce a new version of the so-called assault weapon ban to the senate today. >> feinstein plans to expand on the van that expired in 2004 by including handguns and shotguns in addition to rifles. >> she also plastic decrease the number of cosmetic features on a gun that make it considered an assault weapon from 2 to 1. >> new york gov. governor andrew cuomo signed into law the same man in his state last week. >> vice president biden is launching a white house campaign to promote gun
5:38 am
control. later today, the vice-president will take questions on ways to reduce gun violence during a gloogle hand out. >> that is an interactive video chat that will streamline on the white house website and on google +. vice-president by will travel to richmond, va. tomorrow with other obama administration officials and virginia senator tim kaine . >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news why one status within a ban that kept sexual predators' of facebook. and a japanese retailers looking to set up their clothes rack in the u.s.. what it'll mean for
5:39 am
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5:42 am
5000 to a seasonally adjusted 330,000. that's the u.s. since january 2008. the stock futures will still headed for a mixed open because of a sharp selloff and apple dragging down tech shares. we will bring you the opening bell in about 50 minutes. a federal appeals court has ruled that indiana law that bans a registered sex offenders from using facebook and other social me as sites is unconstitutional. the seventh u.s. circuit court of appeals in chicago overturned a federal judge's decision but uphold the law because they say the ban was too broad. the aclu of indiana filed a suit on behalf of sex offenders to or restricted by the ban even though they are not on probation anymore. >> to a popular japanese retailers are looking to expand in the bay area. company officials with clothing company uniq-lo and
5:43 am
home goods retailer muji have plans open several stores in the greater bay area. the first which opened a store in san francisco's union square last fall wants to set up its internet operations locally. the second meantime zero of which also opened a store is ever since the last year, is launching a store in downtown san jose it later this year. the companies up to near the success up overseas retailers like age and am and ikea --h &m >> 49ers go to the super bowl, we will talk all about it and the big game. frank
5:44 am
gore is in trouble with the nfl this morning because of his sachs. we will talk about it coming up
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> crews are on the scene of a water main break and green beret. the court break happened around 2:15 a.m. this morning at the intersection of the lead, and great and italy co drive. crews are worried the road may buckle. the water has been turned off and about a dozen people are without power. san jose police are asking for the public's help finding a man who kidnapped a 13 year-old girl. investigators say man and this gets read the early
5:48 am
friday morning and dragged her into a driveway. grumman is to fight him off and then ran away. >> right now we are pretty mild there is a very light rain, more like a heavy sprinkle. we have areas of locally dense fog is well. a sample of the temperatures downtown san francisco is at 51 degrees upper '40's and concord. we have a lot cloud up in the sky right now. temperatures was bay on the warmer side. we have areas of fog and you can see we're down to 2 mi. for novato, a mile for napa up. we usually see this foggy in the north bay but it is pretty de
5:49 am
widespread today. and the afternoon it will be a mix of sun and clouds and will feel kind of muddy out there. expect low 60s in the south bay, 61 for sunnyvale and campbell evergreen 63, 60 in milpitas and the east bay and interior valleys upper 50s low 60s. they do not for fairfield 64 san leandro and a good mix of upper 50s low 60s and the north bay. satellite and radar picture shows it is continuing to shift its way south. showers are pushing up from the south so we could continue to see on settled weather into the afternoon and as late as tonight. pop up showers
5:50 am
certainly a possibility and a lot of lingering clouds. keep an umbrella handy just in case. by lunchtime some light rain at the south bay and the livermore valley. most of the showers are to the east and there's certainly a possibility so be safe and not sorry. showers will continue until tomorrow and another system will drop down saturday night into sunday. this will be from the gulf of alaska so it is a completely different type of system. it well be really cool. schools hours are expected pretty widespread but nothing to organize. temperatures will be on the cooler side and mostly sunny skies headed into next week. it will feel like winter once again with temperatures just above the freezing mark. >> we are not tracking any
5:51 am
hot spots. the san mateo bridge ride looks good with no delays. the bay bridge ride looks good and metering lights are not yet activated. the golden gate bridge commute is still very light and problem free. the southbound traffic has just finished changing over the bridge, all lanes are available for the morning commute. in the south bay, the freeways are pretty light and problem free. we have been watching a potential hot spot in menlo park. there is a report of the breed in the lane -- debris >> the 49ers are busy practice saying we are just 10 days away from the super bowl. many players still sore from sunday's game but
5:52 am
say they will be ready come superbowl sunday. scores is what i have on my mind. for the first time since their nfc championship win over the atlanta falcons the niners took the practice field yesterday. we as the players with the locker room by disliked about playing in the so-called hot bubble >> jim does not talk about it. he says we're playing the ravens, not his brother. >> collin kaepernick did not speak at the practice but he will be speaking with us later on today. the nfl has last nine years running back frank board with a $10,500 fine for wearing his socks to low during nfc champion same championship game against
5:53 am
the atlanta falcons. gore said he was focused on winning the game and he did give his uniform all the attention he should have. he admitted he was wrong for doing so and said next time he will do better. gore rest for 90 yds and 21 carries and scored two touchdowns leading a 28 to 24 win over the falcons. it seems like wearing your socks to low is a bigger violation and trying to kick someone in the groin. >> nielsen says an estimated 20.6 million people tune in to watch president obama second inauguration on tv. that is down sharply from his first inauguration which had an audience of 37.8 million people. neilson said that it totaled 18 at work there's some part of this year's inaugural ceremony on monday. >> women have come up with men on lung cancer risk. new
5:54 am
research finds that women who smoke today at a much greater risk of dying from lung cancer than they did decades ago compared to those who never smoked. that is partly because the starting under an smoking more than women used to. smoking that's more than 10 years of the average life span but quitting at any age buys time. if you are planning on moving soon you did not want to mess with the new treaty is neighborhood, we will be right back. ♪
5:55 am
secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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5:57 am
>> if you're in the market for new home this might help you out on where to move. real-estate brokerage firm up redfin has released a top-10 house neighborhoods 2005 of 2013. of 2013. redfin sw
5:58 am
restaurants, i hit local live with, good schools and convenient commute are some of the factors that drive buyers to these areas. here are the three neighborhoods in the bay area that made the list no. 5 at livermore no. 6 willow glen no. 9 of the mission. >> nancy lanza longtime lawyers on a highly has reportedly quit. -- lindsay low hand this comes as the actors will be in court next week to fight a probation violation charges and loss angeles courtroom. the actors reportedly fired holley earlier this month in favor of another attorney before a january 15th plea hearing which he attended
5:59 am
and lowlands absence. she tried to a un fire her but decided to quit instead. well and could spend more than 1240 days in jail if she is convicted of her of violating her probation. lindsey lohan that o >> the kron4 morning news continues in just two minutes.
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